The Healing Habit

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Author Daniel O'Leary
ISBN: 9781782183082
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Quick overview Treasure your beautiful mind.
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Beyond current mindfulness projects, please see this little book as a tonic for your spirit, a healing for your heart, a setting-free of your precious mind. And therefore it carries the promise of a happier life. By guiding you towards a bigger, deeper understanding of who you truly are, and the awesome power of your thinking, it is offering you the gift of renewing your life, of living it more fully and happily. This is a companion to the internationally bestselling book The Happiness Habit. About the Author: An award-winning author of over a dozen books, Daniel O’Leary is a firm favourite amongst Columba Press readers. The main aim of his books is to teach what is called the ‘sacramental imagination’, the vision of God’s incarnate presence everywhere which transforms our lives.
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