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An Ark for the Poor: The Story of L'Arch

31/03/2012, £12.99
An Ark for the Poor: The Story of L'Arch

Forgiveness Remembers

01/07/2017, £6.99
Forgive and forget is the mantra. But what if the path to true peace were forgive and remember ? This is the radical and liberating truth shared by two authors who bridge the Catholic Protestant divide.

Life Shaping Spirituality

17/01/2014, £10.99
Life Shaping Spirituality

One Yellow Door: A memoir of love and lo

21/10/2015, £11.99
`My dear Jack - before I met you my life seemed like a train pulling a trail of empty carriages, and then there you were, and suddenly most of them were full - with people and noise and laughter, with faith and vision and your extraordinary, electric

Peace will have the Last Word

The mercy of God is scandalous, it even borders on the extreme! In her engaging and lively style, Sister Emmanuel recounts real life stories and testimonies that take the reader's heart on a journey of God's mercy.

Signs of the Times: Seven Paths of Hope

26/09/2013, £4.50
A major new book from Jean Vanier identifies the seven paths of transformation at the heart of l'Arche philosophy.

The Twelve Degrees of Silence

17/04/2015, £5.99
Invites us to nurture a spirituality of silence through the words and wisdom of the 19th-century spiritual mystic and Carmelite nun Sr Marie-Aimee de Jesus.
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