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A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

This gift edition features padded covers, gold edges, certificate pages, as well as personal and family history pages.

A Gift for a Little Child's Baptism

18/02/2011, £7.99
Simple prayers and appealing illustrations make this a delight to give on the occasion or anniversary of a baptism or christening.

Angels, Barbarians, and Nincompoops

10/03/2017, £19.99
It's hard not to love this book, which employs a diverse cast of characters ranging from C.S. Lewis and Emily Dickinson to Lily Munster and the Great Pumpkin to reveal the historical, hilarious, and even holy origins of the words we use.

At Your Baptism

01/05/2011, £5.99
Through the sacrament of baptism, God shows his love the same love that claims us for his family, that sent Christ into the world to die for us; the same love that we show to one another.

Benedictus: A Book of Blessings

05/11/2007, £15.00
In sharing words of profound grace and wisdom, master storyteller John O'Donohue's Benedictus offers blessings to shelter us as we confront the many challenges we face on our journey through life.

Bible Promises for Baby's Baptism

15/05/2015, £6.99
Gather together to welcome your new baby into the family and into the church!
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