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Abiding Word: Sunday Reflections for Year A

01/08/2013, £11.95
The church's cycle of scriptural readings for the liturgy offers believers an opportunity to immerse themselves in the word of God. It is a very real and tangible way of responding to the call of Jesus: Remain in me, as I remain in you."

Connecting Pulpit and Pew: Breaking Open the Conversation about Catholic Preaching

08/05/2014, £11.95
Whether you preach from a pulpit or sit in a pew, you hope (and pray) for a homily that connects the Good News with life.

Homily Hints and Prayers: Daily Mass Readings

30/11/2017, £16.99
This book offers two very short reflections on the daily gospels. These simple and clear reflections would take two minutes at most and a preacher might use either one or both.

More Sermons on Difficult Subjects

21/12/2012, £16.99
More Sermons on Difficult Subjects

Morning Homilies III

29/06/2016, £11.99
Through these accounts of Pope Francis's morning homilies offered at daily Mass in the chapel of St. Martha's Guesthouse from March 2014 to June 2014, it is now possible for those not present to experience his unforgettable reflections on the gospel.

New Sunday and Holy Day Liturgies A

Since it first appeared, Flor McCarthy has listened closely to the comments and advice of priests who used this book. As a result, this revised edition contains a lot of new material, including new homilies.
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