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A Journey in Love

06/04/2006, £27.50
A Journey in Love: A Developmental Programme for Children in the Primary Years

A Journey in Love

01/01/2010, £29.95
A Journey in Love: 2: A Developmental Programme for Children in the Secondary Years

Childhood Bullying

16/11/2017, £4.95
How do you help the bullied and the bullying child to see things differently and to grow towards self-confident adulthood?

Children and Loss: Caring for yourself and others

06/06/2018, £4.95
The new Pastoral Outreach series is a practical, user-friendly, non-academic pastoral resource which helps clergy and other pastoral care providers to give even more effective and appropriate support.

Death Funerals and Heaven

04/06/2009, £9.99
Adults often think that death is a grown-up subject from which young people should be protected, but this can make the youngest members of the family feel very lost and alone in their grief. This book will help young people to seek guidance...

Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching:

13/03/2015, £17.99
Foundations of Catholic Social Teaching: Living as a Disciple of Christ builds on those connections by helping teens find their place in the community of the faithful as they advocate for charity and justice in the world. The textbook, the second in
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