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"Come Love with Me": Augustine as Spiritual Guide

27/07/2015, £11.99
This book shows how Augustine presented complex theological thoughts to the faithful, how he acted as bishop and pastor, and how he tried to be a promoter of the unity of the Church.

100 Books to Read Before the Four Last Things

24/03/2017, £19.99
So, you want to do some Catholic spiritual reading! But how to begin?

7 Secrets of Confession

16/09/2013, £10.99
7 Secrets of Confession

7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

30/10/2015, £12.50
7 Secrets of Divine Mercy

A Catholic Mind Awake: The Writings of Bernard Kelly

07/12/2017, £15.50
Bernard Kelly possessed a mind that moved with ease through philosophical queries ranging from Europe to India and back again, with a heart at home in the folds of contemplative prayer and Christian devotion

A Gathering of Larks: Letters to Saint Francis from a modern-day pilgrim

30/04/2017, £10.99
Who was Saint Francis? Today he is most often a sweet ceramic statue in a garden, a sentimentalized romantic figure.

A Good Year

How can we enter fruitfully into the seasons of the Church's year? Why have the seasons become shaped as they have and what can we do to make them good?

A Little Book of Encouragement

19/02/2018, £8.95
Offers seventy short chapters to comfort us with God's presence in the midst of life's challenges and to remind us that Jesus journeys with us step-by-step.

A Priest Answers 27 Questions

Do ghosts really exist? Do I have to give money to every beggar who comes along? How many times have you asked questions such as these but never took the time to seek the answer? And not just any answer a Catholic answer!

A Turning to God

19/11/2007, £9.95
The title comes from Cardinal Hume's homily for Ash Wednesday 1977; and it is a theme which reappears frequently in his writing and preaching, particularly in his Lenten addresses.
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