A Catholic Companion: Finding Christ Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This book is an exercise in finding Christ in many places, in many times, and in many people. Enhancing our understanding of Scripture, Salvation History, Church History and our appreciation of the Saints, will engender a desire to know more and give us the appetite for further study.
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ISBN: 9781910365830
  • Author Julien Chilcott-Monk
  • Pub Date 01/01/2021
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This book is not a life of Christ, nor is it a devotional work in the strict sense. However, many aspects of the life of Christ are considered here and, it is to be hoped, some helpful ideas to improve our devotional life suggested. The book is, in fact, a companion that will, perhaps, generate further enquiry and help us look more deeply and carefully into our Salvation History (i.e. our study and reading of the Holy Bible and the history of the Church) so that we might more readily see Christ-types and glimpses of Christ himself, in the second millennium, the first millennium, the early Church, the New Testament and the Old. We may find them where we have never found them before – Christ-like attributes for our personal guidance – when we look afresh at familiar and unfamiliar or previously avoided passages in the Bible, and familiar or avoided territory in history. Let us look afresh at the Saints, Doctors and Fathers of the Church as Christ-types; at their enthusiasms, vocations, their actions and reactions, their utterances, both oral and in writing. Christ-like attributes abound; they are exhibited throughout their lives. We watch, look and learn, and take to ourselves the lessons learnt.