A Manual of Practical Devotion St. Joseph

This remarkable book tells of the many gifts and even miraculous favors which St. Joseph has granted to the dying, to travelers, to those whose salvation is in danger, to those who aspire to great holiness, to those in temporal want, to the Carmelite Order, and to the entire Church.
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ISBN: 9780895551757
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    Married persons, those who instruct the young, religious, priests, interior souls, artisans, and even sinners should adopt St. Joseph as their special patron. A Manual of Practical Devotion to St. Joseph shows how to be truly devoted to St. Joseph, and how to place oneself under the protection of this humble man who was honored and served by Our Lady and the angels. Herein is recounted the role this great saint has played in the history of the Church, the devotion of many saints to St. Joseph, and statements of learned men on the foster father of Our Lord. St. Teresa of Avila has stated the following concerning St. Joseph: "I never remember to have asked anything of him which I did not obtain." (Page 84). "Among all those who are sincerely devoted to him, and who make an open profession of honoring him, I know not a single individual who does not daily advance in virtue, so powerfully does he assist all those who place themselves under his protection." (Page 85). "I shall now implore of those who may, perhaps, find it difficult to believe what I have asserted, to make a trial of it themselves, for the love of God; and their own experience will convince them..." (Page 85).