A Message For It's Own Time

This book is written for Catholics and fellow Christians seeking a vision of the Church which inspires great hope in these challenging times.
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ISBN: 9781803813905
  • Author Fr Brian Murphy
  • Pub Date 01/06/2023
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The Church is God's process of healing and developing humanity. In the first part of this book, Father Brian Murphy highlights its history of change and development, and suggests how the present trials are an intense preparation for the future. God had led us into the desert where all true renewal begins, in order to be prepared for a wonderful new spring.

Each of us needs to become more deeply 'the type of worshiper the Father wants': that is to 'worhip in truth' by rediscovering the treasures of the faith, and to 'worship in spirit' through contemplation, the prayer of the heart (John 4:24). Then the Church will be more effectively empowered to continue its mission to baptise all people into the life of the Trinity, and to renew the face of the earth.

In the last part of the book Anne Bardell stresses the need for adult faith formation, giving many practical examples. She discovered that many Catholics seem content with their level of faith knowledge. However, once introduced to the deeper riches of the history and truths of the faith, people were eager to know more as their thirst for faith formation grew.

She argues for the essential need for centres or hubs of faith formation in every parish. It is essential that practising Catholics are encouraged to access these hubs as a normal part of parish life. They should also be accessible to parents leading their children through the sacraments of initiation. This requires the training of leaders equipped to support people as they travel ever deeper into their relationship with Jesus.

Paperback, 260 pages

Fr Brian Murphy has been a priest for 53 years in parishes in northern England. Since his retirement he has concentrated on writing in order to contribute to the discernment of what the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church today. There is a strong spiritual reading element throughout his writings.

Anne Bardell B.Div., M.Ed, Lic. Div. (Cat) has worked as chief catechist and pastoral assistant in parishes with Fr Brian for 32 years, reaching all levels of learning from young children and teenagers to more seasoned Catholics. She writes as a teacher of experience.