A Perfect Peace: Newman, Saint For Our Time

This special commemorative volume, published to celebrate the canonisation of John Henry Newman, includes a short biography of the great scholar and theologian, alongside key excerpts from his writings.
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ISBN: 9781847309341
  • Author Bishop Fintan Monahan
  • Pub Date 08/10/2019
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Born in London in 1801, Newman one of the most notable Anglican converts to Catholicism was a prolific author whose works, including forty books and twenty-one thousand letters, are considered to be some of the most influential in the history of Christian theology and spirituality. In this timely new book, Bishop Fintan Monahan explores key moments from Newman s life, including his years at Oxford, his conversion to Catholicism and his time spent in Ireland where he spearheaded the foundation of the Catholic University. He also explains why Newman's writings continue to resonate and provides an inspiring selection of extracts from his works that highlight his genius.