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Seven Life-Changing Moments from the Journey of St Ignatius
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ISBN: 9781788125383
  • Author Brendan McManus SJ
  • Pub Date 30/05/2022
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This book illustrates how the ‘slow work of God’ (Teilhard de Chardin), an unfolding of God’s plan for our lives over time, is a helpful and humanising way to look at faith. Using seven distinct moments from the life of St Ignatius, the authors illustrate how God works through the unexpected twists and turns of life and how this process plays out over time.

The Ignatian spirituality points from each are drawn out and explained in imagined conversations with God, reflections, scripture pieces and real-life applications. The authors have established a very popular style of conveying the essentials of Ignatian spirituality and readers will find the book both accessible and enjoyable.

Paperback, 96 pages