Gemma Hunt's See! Let's Be A Good Friend

Stories to explore with young children what makes a good friend.
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ISBN: 9780745979519
  • Author Gemma Hunt
  • Pub Date 20/05/2022
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“Where is my best-loved cuddly gone?”
“Why do I have to share?”

Explore with young children what makes a good friend: to love, to share, to be kind and helpful, and to put others first.

See! These fun and lively stories show this in action through Bible stories retold in a modern everyday context and real-life good examples from adults.

Let’s be… Just like the young children in the stories, they’ll want to give it a go themselves.

Written by TV presenter and children’s entertainer, Gemma Hunt, and one of the hosts of Alpha and Songs of Praise. The charming illustrations by Charlie Cooke will delight young children. Gemma Hunt’s See! Let’s Be series encourages young children to understand how to act and behave in everyday situations through observing good examples by adults and inspired by Jesus’ parables and teachings. Perfect for end-of-the-day reading time with children, providing support, encouragement, and reassuring words.

Based on the following Bible stories: Parables of the lost sheep and the Good Samaritan, The Feeding of the 5,000, Jesus meets Zacchaeus and Jesus washes his disciple’s feet.