How To Sit With God: A Practical Guide to Silent Prayer

Silence and interiority are not merely the preserve of Eastern religions and philosophies; Christianity, as Jean-Marie Gueullette explains in this essential guide, offers a very simple way of praying in silence, by focusing on the presence of God through the inner repetition of His name.
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ISBN: 9781847308382
  • Author Jean-Marie Gueullette
  • Pub Date 28/11/2018
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How to Sit with God explores various approaches to Christian meditation and invites readers to share in its long and storied history. It also explains how readers can introduce ‘monologist’ prayer or ‘the prayer of inner silence’ into their own spiritual lives in a pragmatic way and explores its rich benefits, for both body and soul. Jean-Marie Gueullette OP teaches at the Catholic University of Lyon, where he directs the Interdisciplinary Centre of Ethics.