In Quest of Catholicity: Malachi Martin Responds to Wolfgang Smith

What might happen when two of the most expansive and original Catholic thinkers of our times engage in a discussion on issues that profoundly affect our understanding of the Church past, present and future?
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ISBN: 9781621382133
  • Author Wolfgang Smith
  • Pub Date 05/08/2016
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In a two-year correspondence with Malachi Martin, Wolfgang Smith broaches a wide spectrum of topics, to which Fr. Martin responds in a way that may surprise many readers. What ultimately stands at issue is the meaning of authentic Catholicity—the universality of Catholic truth. It emerges from the exchange that when it comes to this fundamental issue, theologians have long been stymied and misled by what Malachi Martin refers to as an “intellectual impasse” that needs to be “deblocked.” It proves to be needful, after all, “to open doors and windows,” not in the name of an aggiornamento, but for the very opposite reason: to rediscover an ancient wisdom, theological and cosmological at once. In this profound dialogue—ranging from Jacob Boehme to Catherine Pickstock’s esoteric Thomism—between a great Catholic historian and a great Catholic metaphysician and physicist, we catch a glimpse of a Church risen to the fullness of its Christ-given Catholicity by encompassing, mystically speaking, all truth. This luminous exchange will be welcomed by all readers seeking deeper currents in contemporary Catholic thought.