Lisieux: A Pilgrim's Companion

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Author David Baldwin
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Pub Date 01/01/2009
ISBN: 9781860825798
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Quick overview Unique, meditative visitor’s guide to the principal places of Thérèse’s life.
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This companion for those who are specifically going to Lisieux on pilgrimage, takes you to the principal places of Thérèse, provides you with a coherent commentary, and suggests some appropriate prayers and meditations at each place. For anyone on holiday in the region, it may be worth just slipping this in with your travel guides - a visit to see the Basilica alone is well worth while. Armchair pilgrims with an interest in St Thérèse will also find much of interest here too. For anyone who ‘bumps into Thérèse’ during their life - it will lead them to Lisieux to learn more about her life and times.
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