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Little Drops St. Cecilia

ISBN: R-12043
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Quick overview From the Little Drops of Water range, a beautiful 3.25" resin statue.
Product description
St. Cecilia lived in Rome and was known for her beauty. She loved Jesus very much and wanted to remain pure and holy for Him. At a young age, she married a man named Valerian. He was not a Christian. At their wedding, St. Cecilia was so joyful she began singing with all her heart. That night, with the sounds of the music still ringing in her ears, St. Cecilia made a vow with Jesus and thanked Him for her husband. Valerian was so moved that he became a Christian. A short while later, St. Cecilia and Valerian were arrested and sentenced to die. They both gave their lives for Jesus as martyrs because they loved him so much. Today, St. Cecilia is the patron Saint of musicians, recalling her great joy on her wedding day. Feast Day: November 22 Patron Saint of Musicians
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