Mary Potter

Explores the life and vision of the founder of the Little Company of Mary.
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ISBN: 9781910365502
  • Author Sr Elizabeth Gilroy LCM
  • Pub Date 01/01/2019
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Mary Potter, was born in 1847 and grew up in a singleparent family. She endured a life of suffering from ill health and misunderstanding from those who opposed her, yet her vision lives on in the work of her congregation, helping many in the last and most difficult moments of their life. The Little Company of Mary is an international religious congregation whose main ministry is to pray for and assist the sick and dying throughout the world. Sister Elizabeth Gilroy, author of this biography, is a member of the Australian Little Company of Mary (LCM). She has ministered in Health Care, Spiritual Direction, Counselling and Formation for LCM. After completing her Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry at Boston College, USA, she was appointed to England to assist in Little Company of Mary Heritage Pilgrimages. Sister Elizabeth has since returned to Australia and lives in Sydney where she is actively involved in LCM ministries.