Online with Saints

Online with Saints offers a virtual encounter with hundreds of saints from all around the world. Women and men from all paths of life, linking their inspirational stories to real life modern questions and providing answers.
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ISBN: 9781784696351
  • Author Michel Emery
  • Pub Date 09/07/2020
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Imagine you could meet and greet a saint, which saint would you choose? Online with Saints offers a virtual encounter with 100+ saints from all around the world. Women and men, carpenters and scholars, mothers and popes, princes and paupers: their inspiring life stories are linked to real life modern questions, and together with them answers are found. Download the Online with Saints app to make the book interactive, allowing the Saints to tell you about their lives for themselves from their social media profiles. Discover new saints, learn more about your favourites, watch as the saints have virtual conversations with one another, and take a selfie with a saint!
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