Open Mind, Open Heart

This is the 20th anniversary edition of a best-selling spiritual classic, which has sold over half a million in the English language and has appeared in 10 foreign-language editions.
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ISBN: 9781472972095
  • Author Thomas Keating
  • Pub Date 22/03/2019
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This book is designed to initiate the reader into a deep, living relationship with God. Written by an acknowledged spiritual master, the book moves beyond "discursive meditation and particular acts to the intuitive level of contemplation."

Keating gives an overview of the history of contemplative prayer in the Christian tradition, and step-by-step guidance in the method of centering prayer. Special attention is paid to the role of the Sacred Word, Christian growth and transformation, and active prayer.

The book ends with an explicit treatment of the contemplative dimension of the gospel. Open Mind, Open Heart will take readers into a world where God can do anything, into a realm of the greatest adventure – “Where one is open to the Infinite and hence to infinite possibilities."

Paperback, 208 pages