Our Lady of Silence

In the Vatican offices is an icon of Mary with her finger pressed to her lips called 'Our Lady of Silence'. This icon, which promotes listening to God and not speaking ill of others, is explained here, accompanied by a rich selection of devotions.
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ISBN: 9781784696283
  • Author Fr Emiliano Antenucci
  • Pub Date 10/03/2020
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In the Vatican offices, placed in pride of place, is a relatively unknown Marian icon in which our Blessed Mother has her finger pressed to her lips. Commissioned and gifted to the Holy Father by Capuchin Friar Fr Emiliano Antenucci, this icon is known as Our Lady of Silence, a Marian devotion which promotes the importance of silence.

This devotion symbolises much of what is important to Pope Francis, such as not speaking ill of others, and the value of listening to God in the silence of our hearts. By embracing this devotion, we can embrace these values which are so dear to the Holy Father.

This booklet offers an introduction to this devotion, as Fr Antenucci himself explains the history of this icon and its importance. A rich selection of devotions to Our Lady of Silence follows, helping us to recall the importance of thinking about what we’re saying, welcoming silence, and enabling us to pray this devotion along with the Holy Father.

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