Speaking on God's Behalf

A new exploration of the nature and mission of the Ministry of the Word, which can change the hearts and lives of congregations who hear it.
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ISBN: 9781847308818
  • Author Oliver Treanor
  • Pub Date 22/11/2018
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Speaking on God's Behalf is a celebration of the Ministry of Reader, the oldest of the Church's lay ministries, and explains why the contribution of readers is so important to the Church today. The book examines the origin of the texts readers handle, showing how and why they were written. It provides vital background information that every reader needs to know on the history and geography of the Bible, facts that will shed light on the passages they read. It also demonstrates how to interpret a text by dissecting and analysing it, to look for its literal and spiritual meaning, and to develop sensitivity to its mood and tone, its rhythm and pace. Useful tips on how to get the meaning across in a way that listeners will respond to, and that will increase self-confidence and poise in the delivery are also included. Well-trained readers are an invaluable asset to the liturgy. So whether you are an experienced lector or a new recruit, Speaking on God s Behalf is guaranteed to change you from a good reader into a great one.