Spiritual Combat According to St Benedict

Spiritual combat may seem off-putting, but no one is exempt from it. Discover the essential facts about spiritual combat in this book, and learn why it is, above all, a source of growth in charity.
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ISBN: 9781784697419
  • Author Fr Bernard Ducruet, OSB
  • Pub Date 07/01/2022
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Spiritual combat is the lot of every one of Christ’s Disciples. Too often, the idea seems off-putting, and a good number of Christians think that it has little to do with them. However, no one is exempt from it. To help us discover its merits, Fr Bernard Ducruet, OSB offers us some of the essential facts about spiritual combat. He shows us how this combat is, above all, a source of growth in charity. This simple, profound, and enlightening teaching will be of great benefit to everyone who prays and seeks greater union with Christ.
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