The International Eucharistic Congresses: A Spiritual Odyssey 1881-2016

This book informs the general reader about the rich treasures offered by all the International Eucharistic Congresses since 1881.
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ISBN: 9780852449325
  • Author Monsignor John Francis Allen
  • Pub Date 31/07/2018
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International Eucharistic Congresses entered the mainstream of Catholic life in the 1880s. They have played a huge part in spreading the Church’s social teaching; promoting early and frequent Communion; championing the Kingship of Christ; encouraging the worldwide mission of the Church; supporting the movement for peace after two world wars and deepening understanding and love of the Eucharist. The countries which have hosted these Congresses have been the first to benefit. Delegates from other countries have also taken valuable lessons back home. Until now, nothing substantial had been published in English to inform the general reader about the rich treasures offered by all these Congresses. About the Author: Mgr John Francis Allen is a priest of the Salford Diocese in England. He was present in St Peter’s at the opening of the Second Vatican Council in October 1962, the month he was ordained priest after studies at the Venerable English College and the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He has served in various parishes and as bishop’s secretary in the Salford Diocese and is currently parish priest of Our Lady of Grace, Prestwich, Manchester. A member since 1999 of the Old Brotherhood of the Secular Clergy of England and Wales, he was elected President in 2014. He has attended all twelve of the International Eucharistic Congresses since 1973. Reviews: "What has been needed, and what many people have longed for, is something that everyone can access, and in plain English. Unavailable until now, here it is, and totally new! The author's clear style will appeal to all and his distilling of the meditations of some of the finest theologians in the world will provide endless spiritual nourishment. Here we have an opening up of Eucharistic thought over many years, closely observing the way it has developed, and bringing us nearer to Christ the Bread of Life and His Mystical Body, the Church." (Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster). "This is one of the finest books I have read on the Eucharist... Until now there had been a real dearth in the English-speaking world of anything on the Congresses with their vast spiritual and theological output and on what it was like personally to have been at them... All the credits go to [Mgr Allen] for guiding us across continents over four decades of religious and social change through twelve International Congresses that reflected these changes... At a brisk pace and the perfect phrasing every time, he covers his ground like a globe-trotting tour-guide who knows exactly what will interest you and tells you just enough to hold your attention chapter by fascinating chapter. It is absorbing both for its content and its style. Very personal, full of rich recollections from his eye-witness diary accounts (he was present at all twelve events) that give you the 'feel' of what it was like to be there: the sights, the sounds, event the tastes. Partly journalistic, partly serious spiritual reflection; precise accounts and accurate transcripts of the discourses on the Eucharist by some of the world's finest theologians... Pastors, homilists, liturgists, Dogmatic theologians, theology students, lay folk seeking an informed and intelligent faith - all will discover here in one place a Holy Grail that will inebriate their respective missions... [Mgr Allen's] own Eucharistic faith shines through every page with such evident joy that the reader cannot but be infected by it. It simply exudes a serene and youthful enthusiasm for his subject and bears testimony to the unchanging relevance and graciousness of Christ in then Eucharist who self-giving transcends and permeates every decade of history and the unchanging nature of humankind." (Fr Oliver Treanor, Belfast, Author of 'Maelstorm of Love'). "In this book Mgr John Allen, who has attended all 12 International Eucharistic Congresses since 1973, offers a masterly account of these events for the general reader. Those seeking rich Eucharistic theology will find it in Allen's able summaries of the talks...Mgr Allen offers an impressive seven-fold summary of the experiences he has had in attending the 12 International Eucharistic Congresses since 1973. He is now looking forward to Budapest 2020." (Fr Nicholas Paxton, Catholic Herald, 28th June 2019).