This is the Life

This book is an invitation to practice, to savor, the sacred present. We are called to be available. To be curious. To be alive. To be willing to be surprised by joy. To know there is power in the word enough.
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ISBN: 9781632532787
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    Before we decipher life, let us see life.
    Before we wish for another life, let us feel this life.
    Before we give in to "if only," let us listen to this moment.
    Before we succumb to "someday," let us inhale this day.
    Before we trade in this life for the life we "should" have, let us taste this life.
    We are born to savor life, to live in the moment. What holds us back? When we stop the noise, the distraction, the compulsion to perform, the fear of rejection, we make space to savor the power of the present moment. We carry this capacity to honor the present into every encounter and relationship, meaning that we honor the dignity that is reflected by God's goodness and grace. Every encounter, every relationship, is a place to include, invite mercy, encourage, receive, heal, reconcile, repair, say thank you, pray, celebrate, refuel, and restore.
    Ask yourself this: What will you choose to honor today?