Twelve Great Books: Going Deeper into Classic Literature

Tap into the wealth and health of Christian civilization with the help of literary critic Joseph Pearce.
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ISBN: 9781621645733
  • Author Joseph Pearce
  • Pub Date 07/11/2022
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After learning the true meaning of the word "civilization" - a society rooted in truth - the reader is taken on a tour of twelve of the most important books ever written, from Augustine to Shakespeare to the masterpieces of nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature. Each work played a role, for better or for worse, in shaping the civilized world.

Great stories, even when flawed, are a reflection of the greatest truths ever taught, and they share in the storytelling power of God himself: Jesus Christ, who not only taught in parables, but lived out the most dramatic tale ever told. Twelve Great Books takes readers deeper into the presence of the Creator through the beauty of the fruits of his creative gifts.

Paperback, 226 pages