Unfolding Sacred Scripture: How Catholics Read the Bible

This book invites readers into the Catholic practice of reading Scripture.
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ISBN: 9781616712440
  • Author Michael Cameron
  • Pub Date 01/08/2015
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This book invites readers into the Catholic practice of reading Scripture. In the first part, the book introduces insights from the tradition, from its early days to its present teachings, showing what makes the Catholic approach distinct from other ways of reading the Bible. The author explains the Catholic understanding of the Bible as the revealed and sacred Word of God, discusses how Catholics interpret the Bible, including the idea of reading Scripture with the community, and demonstrates ways the reader can participate in this practice. In the second part, he offers a guided tour with practical exercises through the major parts and essential themes of the Bible. Although many Catholics are familiar with the Lectionary readings proclaimed at Mass, many do not yet feel fully comfortable with the Bible itself (from which passages are selected for liturgy.) Only by knowing the major stories, characters, and overall timeline can one fully appreciate the readings or experience the delights of regularly engaging with the Word of God. This book is for anyone interested in learning about the Catholic approach to Scripture, especially for readers and other liturgical ministers who may be interested in a deeper study of the Word of God.