When I Feel Down: Jonah & Other Stories

A chapter book retelling the story of Jonah who felt down about his situation and tried to hide away with additional related snippets from other Bible stories. But God cares and never gave up to show that he was there to talk and help him.
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ISBN: 9781781283776
  • Author Debbie Duncan
  • Pub Date 17/04/2020
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A reassuring story to help older children reflect and talk to people they trust about Jonah's emotions and support for them when they feel sad, including from God. The 'God cares' series provides a Biblical approach to discussing emotions and behaviour with children to nurture an attitude of wellness. Children at different ages approach things differently in their stages of emotional development, so this series works at two different levels: illustrated Readers aimed at 5-7 year olds and Chapter books aimed at 8+ years. Please note that children progress at different reading abilities and stages of emotional development so the age ranges are only a guide for parents and carers. The Bible stories are retold reflecting on the emotions and encourages children to discuss and relate this within their situations. Sections at the back provide a reflective space for children and practical advice for parents and carers. Debbie Duncan, author of The Art of Daily Resilience and Brave, is a nurse and a teacher, and mother of four children. She has considerable insight into what constitutes resilience and bravery: the ability to cope, to stay on course, to bounce back. In her books she considers what is required for physical, mental, and spiritual durability, interweaving biblical teaching, prayers, with personal anecdote and sound advice. This she now applies specifically to support parents and carers raising children.