Your Word is a Lamp on my Path 2023

Reflections on the weekday readings for the liturgical year 2022/23
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ISBN: 9781788125901
  • Author Martin Hogan
  • Pub Date 12/09/2022
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The reflections in this book are based predominantly on the gospel readings for the weekdays of the coming liturgical year, 2022/23, with occasional references to the first reading. They follow the sequence of the weekdays of the liturgical year, beginning with the Monday of the first week of Advent on the 28th of November 2023.

These short reflections attempt to listen to the gospel readings on their own terms while showing how they can continue to speak to our lives today. Many people feel drawn to basing their prayer on the Scriptures, in particular the gospels. It is hoped that these reflections will serve as a help to prayer. They may also be of service to priests who seek to offer a short reflection on the gospel reading of the day in the context of the Eucharist. Where there is a weekday Liturgy of the Word, with or without Holy Communion, they can be read as a reflection on the readings.

Paperbak, 256 pages