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20 Answers: Faith and Science

01/05/2015, £2.50
A concise guide for those interested in the relationship between faith and science and especially the myth of conflict between the two.

20 Answers: Miracles

08/01/2017, £2.50
This compact handbook unpacks the nature of miracles and offers compelling arguments to counter those who reduce miracles to mere superstition.

25 Tough Questions on the Catholic Faith

01/01/2009, £3.50
Concise answers to key questions Catholics are always being asked about.

Anti-Catholic Myths Debunked

08/11/2016, £6.99
Many good people reject the Catholic Church for what they consider to be its absurd teachings. Archbishop Patrick John Ryan shows that these souls are mistaken not in condemning absurd teachings, but in believing those teachings to be Catholic.


01/01/2010, £2.95
Catholic answers to today's questions.
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