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Anti-Catholic Myths Debunked

Many good people reject the Catholic Church for what they consider to be its absurd teachings. Archbishop Patrick John Ryan shows that these souls are mistaken not in condemning absurd teachings, but in believing those teachings to be Catholic.


Catholic answers to today's questions.

Arguing Religion

Bishop Robert Barron, one of the leading Catholic figures in the world and among the most active on social media, has enjoyed thousands of fruitful religious arguments.

C.S. Lewis: Apostle to the Sceptics

This booklet charts Lewis’s journey from practical atheism to his conversion to Christianity, and thereafter, to becoming Professor of English at Cambridge and one of the best known Christian apologists of his age.

Chance or the Dance?

In this new edition of a modern classic, Thomas Howard contrasts the Christian and secular worldviews, refreshing our minds with the illuminated view of Christianity as it imbued the world in times past.

Christ upon the Waters

It is difficult now to imagine the condition of Catholics in the England of 1850 when, after three hundred years, the Catholic hierarchy was restored.
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Common Sense Catholicism

This work analyzes how the three key elements of a democratic society - freedom, equality, and fraternity - have been misconstrued by intellectuals and policy makers who do not respect the limitations of the human condition.