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36 Ready-to-Read Assemblies for Collective Worship: Taking Your School Through the Bible Story in a Year

This resource aims to introduce, explain and explore the Christian faith, providing familiarity with the Bible story and context for widely used references in popular culture such as David and Goliath, the Great Flood or the Good Samaritan.

50 Ready-To-Go Primary Assemblies: Key Stages 1 & 2

Tell a story, make a point, and back it up with Bible teaching. That’s the no-nonsense approach adopted by Denis O’Gorman after many years of taking assemblies in schools.

A Resource Book for Children's Groups and Assemblies

Alan Procter, a teacher with many years' experience, has gathered together an interesting and very usable collection of mini-biographies, stories and resources which can serve as a basis for assemblies or group work with children.

Alive and Active: Using Storytelling in the Classroom to Pass on the Message of Jesus

Jesus used storytelling in a vivid and imaginative way and the stories He told give a clear code of conduct; a blueprint for living which children can recognise. This book explores the modern-day relevance of some of the Gospel passages.

All the Assembly Songs You'll Ever Need

A mega collection of the most popular assembly songs that children love to sing. The accompaniments are suitable for pianists with a modest technique and include guitar chords.

Assemble Together: 100 Topical Assemblies for Key Stages 3-4

To assemble together is one of the essential marks of Christianity. With this in mind, this book provides 100 topical assemblies for Key Stages 3-4, designed to engage pupils in thought-provoking issues whilst promoting Christian values beneficial within a school community.