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Tried and Tested Talks for Children

Tried and Tested Talks for Children

Ugly Bugs and Apple Trees: 12 Assemblies

16/04/2002, £10.99
12 ready-to-use assemblies for primary schools.

What Do You Think?

21/07/2016, £16.99
Poetry arouses feelings, sparks imagination, prompts arguments, shapes attitudes and keeps us alert to new possibilities. It is there to make us think. This collection of poems has been selected especially for use with children in schools.

What's the Story?

28/11/2008, £19.99
What's the Story?

Wow Our Amazing Planet: A Cross-curricul

23/08/2013, £9.99
Wow! Our Amazing Planet is an interactive RE resource for primary school teachers to explore the theme of caring for our environment through learning about our amazing planet and our responsibility for looking after it.
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