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Among the Ashes: On Death, Grief, and Hope

How can we hold fast to the hope of life eternal when we lose someone we love? In this book William Abraham reflects on the nature of certainty and the logic of hope in the context of an experience of devastating grief. Abraham opens with a stark

Death Funerals and Heaven: Guidance for Young People

Adults often think that death is a grown-up subject from which young people should be protected, but this can make the youngest members of the family feel very lost and alone in their grief.

Death is Only an Horizon

This is a small compassionate booklet for which there is need, time and again, in parish life. It is a booklet of comfort and also of hope. A practical booklet, that deals with anger, guilt, grief and healing. Printed throughout in full colour.

Our Last Best Act

As we begin to contemplate death and to embark on practical planning for life's end, many of us long to leave a legacy beyond a transfer of money and property - one that ensures a sustainable earth for our loved ones, our communities, and generations to come. But where do we even begin?

Prayers for Grieving Parents: Help after a Miscarriage or Still Birth

This book of prayers, practical advice, meditations and services has been written for parents whose child has died through miscarriage or stillbirth.

Surviving Suicide Bereavement

Brendan McManus SJoffers advice on the complex suicide grief process and what he has found to be helpful for survival, adaptation and thriving.