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365 Bible Stories

Enjoy your favourite Bible stories every day of the year.

365 Days: Stories, Prayers & Promises

A bible story, prayer or promise for every day of the year, beautifully illustrated by Frank Endersby's child-friendly pictures. Perfect for bedtime, perfect for anytime!
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99 Stories from the Bible

A collection of 99 Bible Stories illustrated in bright colours.

A Child's First Bible

This illustrated children's bible retells 125 bible stories from the old and new testament.

Albert And The Big Boat: A Noah's Ark Story

Join the young and old mice as they gather around Albert, an elderly mouse, to hear the captivating story of Noah and the animals that came to the Ark. Stunning illustrations bring to life the excitement and the adventure of God's Great Flood, especially for the mice on board.

Albert And The Flour Sack: A Story About Elijah's Visit

A warm-hearted Old Testament Bible story about Joe, who will never forget the day that Elijah came to visit. The cupboards were empty and his mother only had a last bit of flour and a few drops of oil. Sharing their last loaves with Elijah was to change their lives.

Albert And The Good Sister: The Story Of Moses In The Bulrushes

A heart-felt Bible story about Miriam watching over her baby brother, who would later become Moses, the leader of a nation. Her quick thinking when the Pharaoh's daughter pulls the basket he is in out of the River Nile saves his life. Maybe being a big sister to a baby isn't so bad!

Albert And The Slingshot: The Story of David And Goliath

An action-packed Bible story about David, the shepherd boy who becomes a nation's hero. Stunning illustrations bring to life the excitement and the adventure of David's day on the battle field, bravely facing Goliath.