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Before the Dawn

This is the remarkable and inspiring story of how the famous and revered Chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, became a Christian and entered the Catholic Church after World War II.

C.S. Lewis: Apostle to the Sceptics

This booklet charts Lewis’s journey from practical atheism to his conversion to Christianity, and thereafter, to becoming Professor of English at Cambridge and one of the best known Christian apologists of his age.

Chiara Lubich: Servant of Unity

When a group of Catholic girls saw the devastation of World War II they realised that they must seek out the only permanent thing in life, God. Chiara and her followers dedicated their lives to the poor and to unity with all people.

Confessions of a Convert

In Confessions of a Convert, Robert Hugh Benson shares his spiritual journey from being an Anglican and son of the archbishop of Canterbury to becoming a Roman Catholic priest.

Confessions of a Traditional Catholic

Matthew Arnold, a Catholic convert, answers questions about Catholic Traditionalism.

Conscience Before Conformity

Tells the story of German students who dared to speak out against Hitler and the Third Reich, and died for their beliefs.

Couriers of Grace: My Daughter, the Sacraments, and a Surprising Walk of Faith

With startling and courageous clarity, Sullivan recalls the journey that led her to renew the faith of her childhood that had gone dormant until she experienced it through the eyes of Sarah, her child with Down's syndrome.

Dancing to my Death

In the summer of 2018 Daniel O Leary received the news that we all dread a cancer diagnosis.