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A Catholic Child's Baptismal Bible

This gift edition features padded covers, gold edges, certificate pages, as well as personal and family history pages.

Beautiful Baby

Based on Genesis 1, cosy up with your baby to share the warmth and comfort of being made in the likeness of God, reaffirming how beautiful they are to you and God.

Bible Blessings: for a special godchild

18/05/2012, £7.99
This thoughtful selection of simply retold Bible stories and prayers is written especially so that young children may come to understand the faith into which they have been christened.

Bible Promises for Baby's Baptism

15/05/2015, £6.99
Gather together to welcome your new baby into the family and into the church!

Brilliant Baby

Based on Psalm 131, cosy up with your baby to share the warmth and comfort of trusting God to provide just like a mother, reaffirming how brilliant they are to you and God.

For Your Baby's Baptism

For Your Baby's Baptism

How to be a Great Godparent

This guide takes the Godparent beyond the day of christening or baptism and suggests ways to help develop the relationship with their godchild.

Jesus Speaks to Me About My Baptism

In this beautifully illustrated book, Jesus 'speaks' directly to children, explaining step by step what happened at their Baptism and why.
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