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Albert and the Big Boat

Join the young and old mice as they gather around Albert, an elderly mouse, to hear the captivating story of Noah and the animals that came to the Ark.

Albert and the Slingshot

An action-packed Bible story about David, the shepherd boy who becomes a nation's hero. Stunning illustrations bring to life the excitement and the adventure of David's day on the battle field, bravely facing Goliath.

Forgotten Palace: An adventure in Presadia

22/03/2019, £7.99
Deep in the heart of Presadia's Great Forest lie many secrets, including the ancient ruins of a once-magnificent palace.

Margaret's First Holy Week

29/01/2019, £7.99
The story of Margaret and her friend the Pope continues with Book 3 in The Pope's Cat series. This latest adventure has Margaret experiencing the prayers, penitence, liturgy, and excitement of Holy Week in the Vatican and Rome-from the joy of P

Sarah and the Squirrel

Ever since she was a baby, when Sarah looked out her bedroom window, she saw something in a nearby tree. It was a little squirrel! Oh, she how loved to see that little squirrel! Day in and day out, the little squirrel never left the branch...

The Mirror and the Mountain

23/03/2018, £7.99
In Luke Aylen's The Mirror and the Mountain, a title released in association with Essential Christian, two 11-year-olds pass through a mirror and end up in a magical kingdom called Presadia.

The Pope's Cat

13/03/2018, £7.99
Meet Margaret -- the Pope's cat!

We're Hungry Too

16/08/2018, £5.99
Ellie loves sleepovers with Aunt Miranda, who is the best cook in the world! They love to feed the cute birds and the fluffy ducklings, but other less appealing creatures keep appearing because they're hungry too!
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