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Children's Liturgy

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The Columba Lectionary for Children B

20/01/2009, £17.99
The Columba Lectionary for Masses with Children seeks to make the Liturgy of the Word alive and meaningful for children, their parents and teachers, and for all those who attend parish family Masses and school Masses.

The Complete Children's Liturgy Book

31/05/1995, £29.99
Here is an all-embracing, child-centred liturgical programme which faithfully follows the Lectionary.

The Liturgy of the Word with Children

28/01/2004, £29.99
Here you will find a complete but flexible scheme for celebrating the Liturgy of the Word for every Sunday of the three-year cycle.

Welcome the Word


Welcome!: Celebrations with Young Children for the Church's Year

14/03/2003, £9.95
Offers teachers an easy-to-use resource for children aged from three to eight.
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