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36 Ways to Love

01/01/2005, £2.50
‘Love’ is very often trivialised and misused. By rediscovering the riches and demands of the art of loving, we open a path to true happiness. The human heart, so often destitute, always needs to learn how to love.

8 Deadly Sins: Learning to Defend the Life of Grace

01/01/2007, £1.95
The Church has settled on a list of 7 mortal sins but the Fathers of the Church more often referred to 8.

A Stranger and You Welcomed Me: A Call to Mercy and Solidarity with Migrants and Refugees

30/10/2018, £13.99
“Solidarity, this word that frightens the developed world. People try to avoid saying it. Solidarity to them is almost a bad word. But it is our word!”?Pope Francis

A Test of Faith

08/01/2017, £2.50
When Life Doesn't go to Plan.

Acceptance Therapy

01/01/2018, £4.50
Inspired by the multi-million selling Acceptance booklet by Vincent Collins, Acceptance Therapy conveys the same liberating message of “let go and let God” for a new generation learning to be free of compulsions.

Accidental Friends: Stories from my life in Community

28/02/2019, £12.99
As L'Arche Daybreak and L'Arche Canada approach their 50th anniversary, this beautifully-written memoir tells the inside story of daily life with people with learning disabilities in this unique community. It is full of touching, sometimes amusing, b

An Exorcist Explains the Demonic

20/10/2016, £12.50
From Fr. Gabriel Amorth, the renowned exorcist in Rome, comes this powerful, eye-opening book on the deadly antics of Satan and his fallen angels, as well as spiritual remedies for each.

Anchors for the Soul: Daily Wisdom for Inspiration & Guidance

30/09/2018, £13.99
For more than thirty years, Joyce Rupp has been writing bestselling spiritual books that have accompanied readers through the seasons of life and helped them glimpse the Divine.
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