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36 Ways to Love

‘Love’ is very often trivialised and misused. By rediscovering the riches and demands of the art of loving, we open a path to true happiness. The human heart, so often destitute, always needs to learn how to love.

A Season of Grace: Embracing God's Gifts in the Autumn of Our Lives

Every season of our lives is filled with God's grace, but the aging process can cause believers to lose sight of the gifts that God offers each day.

A Test of Faith

When Life Doesn't go to Plan.

A Time to Die: Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Life

Behind monastery walls, men of God spend their lives preparing for the passage of death. Best-selling French author Nicolas Diat, set out to find what their deaths can reveal about the greatest mystery faced by everyone: the end of life.

Acceptance Therapy

Inspired by the multi-million selling Acceptance booklet by Vincent Collins, Acceptance Therapy conveys the same liberating message of “let go and let God” for a new generation learning to be free of compulsions.

All In: Why Belonging to the Catholic Church Matters

In this passionate and unapologetic account of why her faith in Christ and the Catholic Church are the source of meaning and joy in her life, Pat Gohn invites you to become more confident in the power of the Catholic faith
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Anger Management

This book offers practical ideas and strategies which help to peacefully manage the inner volcano of anger.

Anger Therapy

Shows you how to release and resolve your anger, how to use your anger to learn about yourself, and how to turn its energy into positive change.