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[PA14] Work and the Christian Family

11/01/2010, £1.95
In a time when life is becoming increasingly expensive and when long working hours are the norm, finding the right balance between the demands of work and of the family is a difficult task. This booklet identifies the most important elements of the w

A Man of Good Zeal: A Novel Based on the Life of St Francis de Sales

01/09/2013, £9.99
This book is an imaginative re-telling of the story of St. Francis de Sales, based on the historical records of his life and times.


26/11/2014, £8.50
A beautiful, original and compelling invitation into the drama, wonder and mystery of the Christmas story. The warm rhythms and fresh directness of Mark Greene's poems are graced not only by illuminating design and gorgeous illustrations but by refle

Behold the Heritage: Foundations of Education in the Dominican Tradition

27/08/2012, £10.95
Behold the Heritage is a delightful collection of writings on the history and essence of Dominican education for all who delight in truth and relish the honor of sharing it with others as a teacher.

Clare of Assisi: A Heart Full of Love

01/01/2007, £7.95
Author Ilia Delio shows us how Clare was not simply a follower of Francis; she was a formidable, resolute, devout and loving saint whose simple, but powerful beliefs transformed the way we all think about Christ.

Companion to Faith

01/09/2012, £2.50
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