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25 Crafts for Christmas

A craft for every day of Advent, or just to keep children entertained in the run up to Christmas. You can make decorations, your own Christmas cards, and a variety of gift boxes and trimmings.

A Shaking Reality: Daily Reflections for Advent

Inspired by Father Alfred Delp, who wrote a meditation titled The Shaking Reality of Advent while imprisoned by the Nazis during WWII, Bishop Peter B. Price has written a series of reflections and prayers to be read on each day of Advent.

Accepting the Mystery

The Christian celebration of Christmas gives language to the message of faith. In the season of Advent, the church reflects both on biblical texts of repentance and judgment, and on the mystery of grace

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Pope Francis

"I invite all Chrtians, everywhere, at this very moment, to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ." - Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel).

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Pope John Paul II

Saint John Paul II is remembered and loved for his closeness to all people around the world. In this book of his own words as Pope, he leads readers through the holy season of Christmas.

Advent and Christmas Wisdom from Vincent

St. Vincent de Paul was very faithful to meditation, which sets a good example for us in our busy world. Advent and Christmas Wisdom from St. Vincent de Paul endeavors to present his thoughts in a way that can help us to spend some quiet time meditating. His thoughtful words will lead to a deeper relationship with God, a better appreciation of our

Advent Joy: The Journeying Towards the Nativity

This is an Advent book that marvels in the splendours of the Creator's work, natural and supernatural, known and unknown.

Advent with Saint Teresa of Calcutta

A small book of meditations for the seasons of Advent and Christmas from the writings of Mother Teresa.