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The Depth of God's Reach: A Spirituality of Christ's Descent

29/03/2018, £9.99
What do we mean when we profess in the Apostles' Creed that Christ "descended into hell"?

Understanding Jesus: 50 Reasons Why Jesus Matters

30/03/2016, £12.99
Divided into three sections, Understanding Jesus presents historical and scriptural background to knowing Jesus better.

Who Was Jesus? (A Little Book of Guidance)

15/12/2016, £3.99
Jesus is the most influential person to have walked the earth. But why? And what makes his life and message so important to so many people today? James Dunn investigates what we can know for certain about the historical Jesus, and the reasons for hi

Why Believe in Jesus' Resurrection? (A Little Book of Guidance)

15/12/2016, £3.99
Regarded by believers as the foundation stone of their faith, and as a stumbling block by those who struggle to believe, the resurrection of Jesus lies at the heart of the Christian gospel. James D. G. Dunn sets out clearly and fairly the arguments

Why Did Jesus Have to Die? (A Little Book of Guidance)

15/12/2016, £3.99
For many people, the crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans is just another tragic fact of history - a cruel travesty of justice, perhaps, but nothing more. But for Christians the death of Jesus has a much deeper and far-reaching significance. Jane Will
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