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A Deep, Abiding Love: Pondering Life's Depths with Julian of Norwich

In this very insightful and prayerful book, Jennifer Christ draws parallels between Julian's times and ours and demonstrates how Julian's message of hope and joy in God's neverending love for us can give us strength and hope.

Abandonment to Divine Providence

God is to be found in the simplest of our daily activities and especially through total surrender to whatever is His will for each of us. That is the message of this 18th-century inspirational classic by Jean-Pierre de Caussade.

Be Not Troubled

For more than 250 years, Abandonment to Divine Providence by Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade has offered inspiration and spiritual balm for those plagued with doubt, anxiety, and fear.

City of God

27/11/2003, £16.99
St Augustine, bishop of Hippo, was one of the central figures in the history of Christianity, and City of God is one of his greatest theological works.


31/12/1963, £8.99
Saint Augustine spent his early years torn between conflicting faiths and world views. His Confessions, written when he was in his forties, recount how, slowly and painfully, he came to turn away from his youthful ideas and licentious lifestyle.

Early Christian Writings

30/04/1987, £8.99
The writings in this volume cast a glimmer of light upon the emerging traditions and organization of the infant church, during an otherwise little-known period of its development.

Humble Thyself Before the Lord

28/04/2014, £8.99
These thematic collections of spiritual teachings from the best Christian writers in history are sure to be popular with book study groups, Centering prayer gatherings, adult Christian formation, and for individual spiritual reading.

I Burned for Your Peace: Augustine's Confessions Unpacked

30/09/2016, £12.99
Popular author and philosopher Peter Kreeft delves into one of the most beloved Christian classics of all time--Augustine's Confessions.

Imitation of Christ

The Imitation of Christ

Introduction to the Devout Life

19/01/2017, £9.99
Francis de Sales was Bishop of Geneva in the early seventeenth century. He was known as a preacher, evangelizer and spiritual director and he founded the congregation of the Visitation of Holy Mary. In the Preface, he states that anyone with courage
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