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365 Prayers for Catholic Schools and Parish Youth Groups

In this comprehensive resource, you'll find prayers for a wide range of topics relevant to teenagers, from dating to decision-making, and from prom to finding your purpose in life.

5 Minutes With the Psalms and the Wisdom Books: Spiritual Nourishment for Busy Teachers

Continuing the tradition of '5 Minutes with Christ' and '5 Minutes with the Saints', this unique book of meditations for teachers draws on inspiration from the Psalms, Proverbs, and the books of Wisdom in the Bible.

5 Minutes with the Saints: More Spiritual Nourishment for Busy Teachers

Building on the popularity of '5 Minutes with Christ', this unique book of meditations draws on insights and anecdotes from great Catholic Saints on the subject of education to encourage and inspire teachers and others on the front lines of Catholic Education.

500 Prayers for Catholic Schools and Parish Youth Groups

Whether you need a prayer for the beginning of class, a parent or staff meeting, a saint's day, or the liturgical season, you should find what you need in this collection of prayers. Some prayers are prepared for specific annual events, some for general occasions, but all can easily be adapted to a school or parish's situation and needs.

999 Prayers for Most Occasions and Situations

A resource for home, church and school, for personal and pastoral use and for public worship, this compendium of prayers is invaluable for most occasions and situations.

A Year of Mindfulness: Guided Meditations for Christian Schools

This book is for teachers, headteachers and chaplaincy teams who want their schools to be more mindful and mind "full".

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Rich with imagery and full of wonder at God's creation, this hymn has travelled down the generations and remains well-loved both within the church and outside it. Now in picture book format with full-colour illustrations, the lyrics are brought to life for a new audience.

At Your Side: A Book For Those Who Pray, Those Who Want To Pray, And Those Who Lead Prayer

Raymond Friel and David Wells, who between them have many years of experience of working with parish groups, schools and conferences, have produced a collection of prayers that are deeply rooted in real life.