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The Sacraments: A Chain of Grace

01/01/2014, £2.50
In this concise and easy to read series of catecheses, Pope Francis reflects on the Sacraments, what they are for and where they lead every Christian.

The Shepherd's Call: Meditations on Merc

08/01/2017, £2.50
“We can understand so many things simply by seeing someone barefoot in the street on a cold morning, or by contemplating the Lord nailed to the cross - for me!”

The Unending Conflict

17/10/2017, £1.50
The Church and Socialism dates originally from 1908, when Belloc was Liberal MP for Salford (where Herbert Vaughan, CTS’s founder, had been bishop before going to Westminster).

The Watchful Hour

01/09/2017, £3.50
This Companion presents what the Eucharist is, what is fulfilled in the Holy Mass, what Communion and adoration are, and why and how to enter into adoration ‘‘in spirit and truth’’.

Theology of the Body

01/01/2013, £2.50
John Paul II's teaching on sex and the human body.

Therese - Teacher of Prayer

01/01/2008, £1.95
St Thérèse of Lisieux has much to teach us about prayer

Therese of Lisieux

01/02/2002, £2.95
This authoritative life of Thérèse, a true classic, tells the story of one of Christ’s little ones.

Thinking of Becoming a Catholic

01/01/2007, £1.95
Key pointers for those interested in the Catholic Church.

Thomas Aquinas

21/08/2009, £2.50
An introduction to the life, thought and relevance of the 'Angelic Doctor'.

Thomas Merton

01/01/2009, £2.50
Born in France, educated at Cambridge and New York, baptised as a young man, and dying in Bangkok in 1968, Merton was a gifted writer who lived through many upheavals of the 20th century.
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