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Thinking of Becoming a Catholic

01/01/2007, £1.95
Key pointers for those interested in the Catholic Church.

Thomas Aquinas

21/08/2009, £2.50
An introduction to the life, thought and relevance of the 'Angelic Doctor'.

Thomas Merton

01/01/2009, £2.50
Born in France, educated at Cambridge and New York, baptised as a young man, and dying in Bangkok in 1968, Merton was a gifted writer who lived through many upheavals of the 20th century.

Thomas More

01/01/2003, £2.50
Life of the best known martyr for Catholicism under Henry VIII

Thoughts on Prayer

09/09/2013, £1.95
Brother Craig again draws from his rich understanding of the Christian tradition of prayer, producing this small anthology of quotations to help people today in their personal journey of prayer.

Two Conversion Stories

17/10/2017, £1.50
Conversion stories by two Anglicans who became Roman Catholic: James Britten (1893) and Ronald Knox (1918)

Understanding a Church: What do you see

01/01/2014, £2.50
What do you see when you walk into a Catholic church, and what does it all mean?

Understanding the Ordinariate

08/05/2016, £2.50
Catholics of the Anglican Patrimony.

Understanding the Rosary

11/01/2010, £2.95
Guidance on the meaning of the Rosary and how to pray it.

Understanding the Story of the Bible

01/01/2013, £2.50
We need to understand Salvation History as the true history of the world, from creation and fall to salvation through the death and resurrection of Christ,leading to eternal happiness in God.
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