Catholic Teaching

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20 Answers: Death & Judgement

In a language accessible to all, this guide explores the end times described in the Book of Revelation, exploding many myths and answering popular questions on the afterlife.

20 Answers: Miracles

This compact handbook unpacks the nature of miracles and offers compelling arguments to counter those who reduce miracles to mere superstition.

20 Answers: Scripture & Tradition

This helpful guide comprises 20 answers to frequently asked questions, with concise yet comprehensive explanations about the differences between scripture and tradition.

A Basic Catholic Dictionary

From Abbess to Zephaniah, you will find information about Catholic beliefs and doctrines, liturgical celebrations, moral teachings, and outstanding people in Church history in "A Basic Catholic Dictionary."

A Catechism of Christian Doctrine

The original ‘Penny Catechism’ in question and answer format.

A Catechism of Christian Doctrine

This elegantly redesigned and illustrated pocket catechism provides a wealth of detailed explanation and guidance on the Catholic faith and remains a classic still very much in demand.

A Question of Death & Life: A Catholic Perspective

This booklet invites us to examine our attitude towards death, and help us to discover how taking death on board enhances the way we live our life

A Year with the Catechism

A Year with the Catechism offers an achievable method of reading the Catechism through in one year.