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Faith Formation

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Catechism of the Seven Sacraments

03/02/2018, £27.50
Set in a vivid comic-book format with stunning photographs, this book makes profound theological concepts accessible to both the Catholic and the curious, the child and the adult.

Child's Guide to First Holy Communion

01/01/2002, £8.99
An important day in a child's life.

Child's Guide to Reconciliation

01/01/2003, £8.99
From the same winning team that brought you Child's Guide to First Holy Communion comes this new picture book on receiving the sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.

Child's Guide to the Seven Sacraments

01/09/2005, £7.99
Following the success of best-selling "Child's Guide" series, the author presents the seven sacraments in simple and understandable terms, based on the truths of the Catechism.

DOCAT: What to Do?

26/07/2016, £9.95
Whether used within the classroom or for faith-formation or for youth ministry, DOCAT is a superb resource to help guide young people to know, to understand and to live out Catholic Social Teaching.

Freddie Freckles

21/10/2009, £5.95
We all know how much children love a good story. Fr Tim's tales for Christian children, featuring the loveable Freddie Freckles, will hold children's attention and capture their imagination whilst sharing the Gospel with them.

Freddie Freckles and the Sacraments

30/11/2014, £5.95
Join Freddie as he goes on a journey where he learns more about the sacraments.
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