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Faith Formation

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Pope Francis: The Story of Our Pope

This charming book tells the story of the life and work of Pope Francis. Fully illustrated, it is suitable for children aged seven to twelve and makes a wonderful addition to any home, classroom, or parish.

Sacraments Activities for Children

01/09/2008, £11.99
Sacraments Activities for Children

Tell Me About the Catholic Faith

How do you answer your children s many questions about God, the Christian faith, and the Catholic Church? What if these topics could come to life in inspiring, easy-to-tell stories?

The Beatitudes for Children

01/03/2009, £6.99
When it comes to growing closer to God, kids (and adults) have no better teacher than Jesus. His eight Beatitudes are a positive, proactive guide for kids to love and serve the Lord as they mature in their faith.

The Big Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions for Childrens' Faith

01/01/2003, £19.99
The Big Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions for Childrens' Faith

The Creed Explained for Children

01/01/2013, £3.95
The Creed is the essential summary of the Christian Faith here it is re-told for children.

The Gospels Unplugged

21/01/2011, £12.99
This book is for busy teachers and church leaders who have endless demands on their time and energy and need stories that jump off the page, into the imagination and, from there, into daily life. Drawn from all four Gospels, the pieces are 'unplugged

The Ten Commandments

01/02/2012, £5.99
This sincere book presents the ten commandments one at a time, with Bible quotations and related prayers to set them into the wider context of the Bible's laws.
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