Faith Formation

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The Gospels Unplugged

21/01/2011, £12.99
This book is for busy teachers and church leaders who have endless demands on their time and energy and need stories that jump off the page, into the imagination and, from there, into daily life. Drawn from all four Gospels, the pieces are 'unplugged

The Ten Commandments

01/02/2012, £5.99
This sincere book presents the ten commandments one at a time, with Bible quotations and related prayers to set them into the wider context of the Bible's laws.

Will Power and the Ten Commandments

Will Power decides to embark on a quest to test his superhero knowledge about how to make the best choices in life.

YOUCAT Confession

31/01/2018, £5.95
“It simply does not work any other way: When you want to give Jesus room in your life, you cannot do without reconciliation ("confession").” The YOUCAT Confession book is a practical guide created to take away undue anxiety about the Sacrament, an

Youcat for Kids

An exciting new way to help children and parents to discover their Catholic faith together.
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