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A Library of Tales: Volume One

Lady Herbert’s Wayside Tales are in the classic vein of “improving literature”. CTS published thirty volumes of them in 1899; some were still in print two decades later.
£1.50 £1.00

A Library of Tales: Volume Two

Historical fiction, and improving tales for the working classes, were two staples of Catholic storytelling between the Wars.
£1.50 £1.00

A Most Dangerous Innocence: A Novel

A Most Dangerous Innocence offers a glimpse into the early days of the Second World War, seen from a sleepy corner of Britain. It is also a meditation on childhood guilt, innocence, loyalty, and the courage to stand alone.

A Postcard from the Volcano: A Novel About Pre-war Germany

Beginning in 1914 and ending on the eve of World War II, this epic story follows the coming of age and early manhood of the Prussian aristocrat, Max von Hofmannswaldau.

A Sock Full of Bones: A Banyard and Mingle Mystery

Young private detectives, Banyard and Mingle, are out of money and out of luck when a swindled widow presents a life-changing case.

Bilbo's Journey: Discovering The Hidden Meaning In The Hobbit

Discover the surprisingly deep meaning of J.R.R. Tolkien's classic novel.

Further Up & Further in: Understanding Narnia

Author Joseph Pearce invites readers to return with the eyes of an adult to C.S. Lewis’ magical land of Narnia. Beloved by generations of readers, The Chronicles of Narnia are thought, erroneously, by some to be “mere children’s stories.”

In the Grieving of Her Days

In Lucy Beckett's latest novel, Clare Wilson, a widow in her late seventies, struggles to make sense of post-Brexit Britain in a world that has left her behind. Her quiet life is upset first by an unexpected death and then by Covid 19 and its consequences for her and for those she loves.